I help early-stage startups to navigate through their technology challenges.

As a founder myself, I know the challenges and struggles when looking for product-market fit. Or trying to scale a product that already has some traction. I know how crucial is to ship new features to customers quickly. Without breaking the bank.

How I work

I deliver value to your business from day one. For that to happen, we need to be a good fit for each other. I only work with clients I'm confident I can help.

Before jumping into tactical planning, I invest time understanding your business goals. Let's talk about what you want to achieve and the obstacles holding you back.

With the picture clear, we can work together to explore how technology can support your goals.

How I can help

It's getting harder to add new features

Progress was fast, but now adding new features takes lots of time. When the team releases features, bugs and unexpected issues happen.

I help clients to identify and address issues with development processes, project management, system architecture, and code quality.

You are worried about scaling the product

Your product started gaining some traction. That's good, but the product started to break. Clients started complaining about performance.

I help clients to find out the areas of the product that are the bottlenecks, and develop a plan to overcome these issues.

You're dissatisfied with the development agency

You hired an agency to build your product. Lately, results are not good and you're not sure about the quality of their work.

I help clients to assess the quality of the work produced by agencies. I also help clients to manage projects with agencies end-to-end.

You're building a new product

A new product, looking for product-market fit can't use the same stack and strategies used by big companies. Choosing the wrong stack and tech strategy will cost time and money.

I help clients to identify the ideal tech stack for their specific needs, and avoid costly mistakes. And then I help them to build the product end-to-end.

Let's talk

Let's talk about your company challenges and goals.