Hi, I’m Elvio Vicosa, an independent software developer consultant based in Berlin, Germany. I help companies to plan, build and launch outstanding digital products.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years working in a wide range of software projects, from internal web dashboards to real-time applications used by millions of people.

Family Photo

I’m married and a proud dad of a toddler. When I’m not playing soccer with my son or trying to create the best vegan burger recipe, I try to find time for getting involved with sailing boats.

These days I'm focused on agile software development consulting. I help companies to translate their ideas into great software products. With proper planning and prioritization, companies can save money and time by building the right product from the beginning.

I’m a business-focused software engineer, aiming to help companies to achieve the return on investment that software development can deliver. My combined experience as CTO and consultant software engineer makes me feel comfortable both in front of business executives, as in a room with developers.

I wrote the book Phoenix for Rails Developers. It covers Phoenix, a web framework written in Elixir which enables developers to build high-performance web applications. It was written for experienced developers that have invested thousands of hours learning Ruby on Rails and want to use their existing knowledge to learn Phoenix.

Thousands of developers have read the book, looking to learn a new web framework and programming language.

SaaS founder

I built and launched Statictastic, a product that enables non-developers to create and publish static websites without touching code.

I also founded Berlin Dev Jobs, an online job board focused solely on software development positions in the city of Berlin. Many of Berlin's top companies have already used the service to advertise their open positions.

Mobile Development

I released two iOS apps, one of them being Mamae. It helped new and sleep-deprived parents to track their babies’ daily habits. Used by more than 50k parents, which together logged almost 2 million activities, "Mamae" was featured by Apple in the “What’s Hot” category.

What can clients expect when working with me

  • More than a decade of experience in building web and mobile products.
  • The confidence you're working with someone who understands about business and how to take pragmatic decisions, without compromising quality.
  • A diligent scope planner focused on producing value and validating ideas quickly.
  • Assurance that I only work with companies that I feel confident about delivering a positive return on investment.
  • Piece of mind, you're not burning money with unnecessary complexity and things that are not necessary.

Let's talk.

Do you have an exciting project or idea and is looking for someone to help?
Send an email to [email protected] and let me know more about it.