Born in 1986 in Brazil, I studied computer science and have been working with computers for a while now. In 2012 I moved to Germany, where I currently live together with my wife and two boys.

When I’m not sitting in front of the computer, I like to spend time with my family. Since 2016, the entire family has been vegan. We spend LOTS of time cooking. At this point, we can consider cooking as a family sport.

I enjoy running alone. I’m a slow runner, as my Strava shows. I discovered the sport back in 2020, during the pandemic, and haven’t stopped since then.


I graduated in Computer Science. Back in college, I was part of a High-Performance Computing research group. That’s where I had my first contact with parallel and distributed computing.

In the middle of college, I started working remotely with different companies in the US, UK and Germany. I worked on a variety of projects. From codebases in C to handle IM messages (using libpurple) to Ruby on Rails applications for real state.

During my freelance work, I often ended up turning down work due to a lack of availability. After finishing college I founded a consulting firm to address that. The firm provided outsourcing services for companies, with a focus on Web apps built using Ruby on Rails.

At the end of 2010, after a few years running my own firm, I joined ThoughtWorks. I knew the company for all its dedication to executing and spreading Agile practices. There I met incredibly smart people and participated in several projects since their inception phase.

In 2012 I moved to Berlin. I held different tech leadership roles, including Lead Developer, Head of Engineering and CTO roles for startup companies. The majority of these roles meant building engineering teams from scratch, defining the product tech-stack and hands-on development. All of it combined with the eternal search for product-market fit.

After experiencing the startup life for a number of seasons, I missed two things: 1) working on a product that is used by millions of people and 2) working on advanced engineering topics like scalability, distributed systems, etc. That led me to join Amazon, and most recently Shopify.