Working on a new project

Feb 6, 2022 — After almost two years without working on side projects, I think it’s time to start another journey. This time I’m focusing on building a micro-SaaS for software engineers like myself

I started working on a new project: Storylog.

Storylog has been born out of my frustration with unfair performance reviews among Software Engineers.

I’ve been working as a software engineer for the last 15 years. In that time, I’ve seen outstanding engineers not advancing in their careers. In most of the cases, it was because they spent their entire time writing well-tested and performant code, fixing nasty bugs, helping peers to grow, and helping their companies to increase their profits. So much time and focus, they forgot to make their achievements visible to others.

Performance reviews are based on past achievements. People that can remember and tell the best stories will usually get the best reviews. In the ideal world, managers and peers would remember all the great work one did. The reality is: they can’t. I can’t remember the things I did last week. Can you remember what you did six months ago?

If you’re lucky to have an outstanding manager and peers that do remember, you’re still at risk. If they leave the company or the team, which is quite common, the knowledge also leaves with them.

Storylog solves that problem. It helps software engineers to document their achievements and to make them visible within the company. It goes beyond the list of coding tasks an engineer was assigned to. It highlights every single activity that creates value for the company, either directly or indirectly. Everything that is there, but that is not visible on team boards and dashboards.

Think about mentorship, interviews, onboardings, presentations, tech documents, pair-programming sessions, cross-team collaboration, books & courses, etc. These are just a few things that are easy to forget. Well, not anymore.

I’m currently working on the first version of Storylog. In a couple of weeks, I’m releasing a beta version. The idea is to collect feedback and perform some fine-tuning before going public.

I’m posting daily updates about the development of Storylog on my Twitter account. Follow me if you want to learn more about the things I get right and the struggles I find on the way.