30 days building storylog.app

Mar 18, 2022 — This week completed I completed 30 days working on Storylog. It’s almost launching time.

This week I completed 30 days working on storylog.app. Storylog is a tool I’m building to support software engineers to tell the full story of their work, during 1:1s and performance reviews.

I’m working around 2-3 hours/day, from Monday to Friday. Weekends are 100% to my family and to recharge. I usually split the time between early mornings and late evenings. The creative stuff happens in the mornings, while the most repetitive stuff I reserve for late evenings.

I chatted with several software engineers and managers about Storylog. They show interest in it and want to know more about the tool and whether they can test it. It feels great since I’m looking forward to gathering early feedback. When talking to engineers, everyone had a story that relates to the problems that Storylog is solving. I heard variations of the same topics:

I did lots of work to help the team, but since my work was not tracked in [TEAM BOARD TOOL], it didn’t show in my performance review

Last year I had 4 managers, not surprisingly my performance review was weak

I tried to write bragdocs, but it’s hard to keep it up-to-date

My manager only considers my Pull Requests and [TEAM BOARD TOOL] ticket when evaluating performance

These are common problems in the software industry. I found most of them myself in different parts of my career. In startups, big companies, they are there. These problems are also the things that motivate me to work and launch Storylog.

How far I am to launch? Throughout these 30 days, I finished most of the scope I planned for the beta release. At the moment I am finishing the last bits and I hope to start inviting beta users in April 2022. It is around the corner (today is Mar 18, 2022). I’m excited about it.

My plan is:

  1. Finish the remaining bits
  2. Deploy it
  3. Test it
  4. Invite the first 5 beta users

I’m posting daily updates about the development of Storylog on my Twitter account. Follow me to get the latest updates about the development process and launching date.