Interim CTO.

Without a technology strategy, your company won’t stay in business for long. I help founders to plan, build and release high-quality software products which customers and investors love.

Lack of technical knowledge limits you and your company

On early-stage development of a software product, many decisions are going to dictate the success or failure of a project. As a founder, you have questions like:

The answers to those questions are going to shape your product. They are also critical to the future of the business.


As an Interim CTO, I’m solely focused on your business and growth plans. I help you to find those answer (and many others) in the context of your business.

Great ideas get ruined by poor execution

You probably heard stories of Entrepreneurs with a great idea which got ruined when poorly developed by an inexperienced technical co-founder or freelancers.

You’re going to waste motivation, time and money building something that won’t attract customers nor investors.


As an Interim CTO, I help you to build your idea right from the first time. We work together on creating a valuable product which is attractive to customers and investors, without wasting unnecessary time.

You’re not Google

The Internet is full of articles about how Google, Facebook, and how other similar-sized companies are building and scaling their products. The reality is simple: you’re not them.

Trying to copy the same technologies or to replicate processes and strategies used by those big companies with a massive amount of customers, ridiculous financial power and hundreds of employees won’t work for you.

You don’t need to spend months building a product to support millions of customers when your goal is to define product/market fit.


As an Interim CTO, I help you to find the best technologies, processes and strategies that make sense to your business size, context and goals.

Finding a great technical co-founder takes time

It involves the future of the company, shares, external perception and having the skills that will empower the management team to build the business. It’s a long-term relationship, like a marriage, which will have to endure good and bad moments together.

The problem is: not having a technical leader focused on getting the strategy and execution right limits your chances of building a successful business.


As an Interim CTO, I help you to get the technical strategy and execution right, not blocking you until you get the perfect technical co-founder onboard. I support you on the screening and evaluation of potential candidates and during the transition between the interim CTO role to the permanent CTO position.

Are we a good fit?

I only work with companies that can benefit from my expertise and that I feel confident about delivering a positive return on investment.

This service is for you if...

  • You’re a business or product person and is looking for a strategic partnership
  • You are either starting working on an idea or on early stages of its development
  • You don’t have a strong technical leader that can connect business to the technical strategy
  • You’re comfortable having fast iterations and being agile

This service is NOT for you if...

  • You would instead prefer to define tasks and assign them for development without prioritising or discussing their impact
  • You resist trying new things, even when the data and framework is put right in front of you
  • Your business is related to topics like pornography, gambling or your business model requires tricking customers
  • You live outside Berlin/Germany and is not willing to work remotely (90% of the time)

Let's talk.

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