Elixir Adoption.

Your existing software projects were crucial to the success of your company, but now they are slow, difficult to maintain and almost impossible to evolve. I help companies to adopt Elixir, bringing back performance, scalability and a codebase that is easy to develop.

Learning a new language and framework takes time

Learning a new programming language and its concepts takes time. Elixir is a functional language, which requires a different mindset when compared to OOP languages. Learning a new language while working on a project that is important to the company might bring more problems than solutions.


I help your team to learn Elixir, providing personalized training covering language concepts, best practices, testing, deployment, etc. I also offer support during the development phase with pair-programming and performing code reviews.

Everyone loves fast response times

It's not only customers who benefit from having blazing fast web and API applications. Search engines like Google use the response times of websites in the ranking criteria. Faster websites and applications rank higher in search results.

Phoenix is a web framework built using Elixir. It measures response times in microseconds (1/1000 of a millisecond). That's is fast.


I can help your team to identify the natural concurrency of your business domain, and the best way to use Elixir to improve performance considerably.

Code rewrites are risky

If you have ever been part of a “rewrite” project, you know that it usually doesn’t go well. It usually starts well, but the entire company is on hold while the rewrite is being performed, and both pressure and scope will increase.


I help your team to identify the existing responsibilities of your projects, understand the parts that are required to be moved and to prioritise the scope of the migration.

Working with legacy code is not motivating

Legacy code, combined with lack or limited refactoring is one of the most common reasons why software developers get demotivated and start considering new jobs.

Migrating your legacy projects to Elixir is a chance to re-evaluate previous decisions, fix the problems that are holding your company back and bring motivation back to the development team.


I can help your team to evaluate the existing codebase and its dependencies, defining the best alternatives to be used in combination with Elixir and making sure everyone is involved and excited about the migration project.

I wrote the book Phoenix for Rails Developers. It covers Phoenix, a web framework written in Elixir which enables developers to build high-performance web applications. It was written for experienced developers that have invested thousands of hours learning Ruby on Rails and want to use their existing knowledge to learn Phoenix.

Thousands of developers have read the book, looking to learn a new web framework and programming language.

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