Job Board

I created Berlin Dev Jobs, a job board focused on software development jobs in Berlin.

Bootstrapping Statictastic

I launched my new side-project: Statictastic. It’s a SaaS which target teams working with static websites. It includes features like hosting, security, forms, redirects, CMS and a lot more.

Phoenix for Rails Developers

I published the book in 2017 and it has been read by hundreds of people.

Versioned APIs with Phoenix

Guide that covers different techniques on how teams can help product evolution and easy maintenance, designing versioned APIs.


Launched Mamae together with my wife. It’s an iOS application that help new parents to track their babies habits (nursing, diapers, etc). It is used by thousands of users, which logged more than a million activities. The project was featured by Apple in 2015.

iLearn: English

My first iOS application. It was first launched in 2013 and then re-launched in 2014. It was featured as “Top Free iPhone Apps” in the AppStore.