ActiveRecord vs. Ecto - Part One Part One

Guest post written for the AppSignal Blog

Data is a core part of most software applications. Mapping and querying data from a database is a recurring task in the life of a developer. Because of this, it is important to understand the process and be able to use abstractions that simplify the task…

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ActiveRecord vs. Ecto - Part Two Part One

This is the second part of the “ActiveRecord vs. Ecto” series, in which we continue the comparison between ActiveRecord and Ecto.

5 reasons you should use Phoenix instead of Rails in your next project

This post is about the 5 reasons that made me perform the switch and why you should consider using Phoenix instead of Rails in your next project.

Writting a book

I am writting a book to help experienced Rails developers to learn Phoenix, using the knowledge they acquired over the years.

Learning a new framework from scratch is hard

You invested thousands of hours learning Rails and how to master its features to build web applications. This book will help you to learn Phoenix, using the knowledge you already have.

Get the book