Releasing my iOS application for free.

I started working on Mamae together with my wife on March 2014. At the time, my wife and I developed the application based on common issues reported by new parents (we would only became parents ourselves on December 2016).

Since then, we released multiple versions of the iOS application, including support to different languages (English, Spanish, German and Portuguese) and an immense list of improvements based on customer feedback. As a result, Mamae got featured by Apple, got covered by the press and received positive feedback from customers.

Since the beginning, in order to use additional features (e.g. Sleep, Pumping, etc), the user had to “unlock” those features with In-App purchases. Based on user usage, this is the order of the most “unlocked” features:

  1. Diaper
  2. Sleep
  3. Pumping
  4. Bottle

Today (February 17, 2017), I decided to release a new version of Mamae, this time offering all the features for free (including the web dashboard + multiple device sync). If you are a new parent and is tired of manually keeping the records, give Mamae a try. To know more about the application, visit

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