Releasing a new iOS app: Mamae

20 Sep 2014

A few weeks ago I released my second iOS app: Mamae. This is also the second project that I work with my wife Danielle, who designed the entire app (see more details about its design).

Mamae iOS application

Mamae ("mummy" in Portuguese) is an iOS application that help parents to track their baby’s daily activities. It allow parents to track activities in realtime, such as: Breastfeeding, Bottle, Diaper, Sleep and Pumping.

We know that newborn parents have plenty of things to take care of, they usually are sleepless and tired. Knowing that, we started building Mamae with the following characteristics:

Mothers and fathers trust this app to save their baby’s information, using it everyday. They spent time on it, in the middle of the night, to be able to access this data in the future, to help them to make decisions. It led us to a obsessive care for the saved data, not only saving it locally, but also backing it up in our servers. The data is also available through a web dashboard, where all the data can be accessed.

Mentions on the press

Download it the AppStore.

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