New iLearn: English.

In July 2013 I launched the first version of iLearn: English, an iPhone app that I created primarily to help my wife to study english. I also used the development of this app to learn more about iOS development (original post).

First version of iLearn: English

After the release of iOS7, the app design was clearly not “up-to-date” and I thought iLearn deserved a few improvements, like:

At that (perfect) time, my wife was immersed studying the basics of UX and Design. She had already read Bootstrapping Design and also Don’t Make Me Think, and was quite determined to put all the theory in practice. She started sketching the new version of iLearn, and after one month we had an amazing new design.

Second version of iLearn: English

The new version of iLearn was launched in January 2014 and we started receiving positive feedback from people using the app. iLearn got featured by Abduzeedo, one of the most respectable design blogs, in the “Weekly Apps” selection and then by MacMagazine, one of the most visited sites about technology in Brazil. That publicity reflected directly in the number of downloads, reaching 2.3k downloads on February 22, 2013.

For a side project, I was really proud of the number of downloads the app got, but the idea that it is helping people somehow is even more exciting. We were completely astonished, when iLearn did make it to the list of “Top Free iPhone Apps” in the Brazilian App Store.

iLearn: English in the "Top Free iPhone Apps"

After receiving these great news, I am not only motivated to keep the development of the iPhone version, but also quite excited about the idea of releasing an iPad and Android version in the near future. Check the new version of iLearn: English and send your feedback.

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