Writting a book

When I started learning Phoenix a few years ago, I found it very similar to Rails. After getting more experience with the framework, I discovered that although there were some similarities, which I could use my previous experience with Rails to benefit from, there were also many different concepts that consumed a considerable amount of time to understand.

Throughout the learning process, I took notes about the struggles I found when trying to understand some of Phoenix concepts. Often you can draw a parallel between Phoenix and Rails, but in some cases the best option is to ignore the knowledge you have all together to be able to understand a particular part of Phoenix.

I decided to write a book to document those learnings and to help experienced Rails developers to learn Phoenix. The title of the book is Phoenix for Rails developers.

The book will walk readers through the development of complete web application. It will teach readers how to build the different layers of that application and comprehend how they are connected to each other.

If you want to know more about the book, visit the Phoenix for Rails developers website.

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