Comparison between Rack, Sinatra and Webmachine

I am currently looking for different ways of dealing with a high number of requests in a really simple API. The requests will basically store/read some values in Redis. This API will be deployed in a small number of Amazon Micro instances, using the default configuration and running Ubuntu Server 13.04.

I use Ruby for almost a decade, so it was quite natural to evaluate Ruby. I decided that both Rack and Sinatra would be good candidates.

I have been studying Erlang for a couple of months, so I was really curious to see how it would perform in such environment. I decided to create a really simple Webmachine application and evaluate it together to the Rack and Sinatra ones.

About benchmarks

I believe that benchmarks are often misleading and most of people tend to read “the fastest response” as a proof to “A is better than B”. I would like to make clear that these results don’t intend to “proof” anything. They are just the results of the experiments I am working on and those experiments have a specific set of requirements and constraints.


Benchmark graphs
Benchmark graphs

Source code

You can find the application source codes at

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